.DER REBELL – Electric guitar



Born to be full of character, without compromises, different and unique. This is the nature of Der Rebell.
Focused on a rich, broad sound, with lots of attack and harmonic content, this guitar can range through a wide variety of sounds, but never lose its distinctive snap and projection.
Since it is a semi-hollowbody, this guitar will have added sonic response, longer sustain and crisper notes.
These specs refer to the model shown above. For every new instrument, every spec can be customized matching customer’s personal taste.
– Body: 2 pcs. European Ash
– Neck: Wengè
– Fretboard: Wengè
– Scale: 25,5″
– Radius: Flat
– Neck shape: Slim V
– Frets: X-Jumbo
– Nut: bone
– Bridge: ABM Hardtail
– Finish: Nitrocellulose
– Electronics: 3-way Switch, killswitch, CTS pots, Orange drop cap


.Pricing and Options

Base price: € 1780 (incl. VAT/IVA)

– Binding (wood/plastic) +200 €
– Neck binding: +150 €
– Laminate neck: +200 €
– Hollowbody: +250 €
– Tremolo bridge: +150 €
– Custom inlay: Ask
– Wood pickguard: +100 €
– Relicing: +350 €

Base price is intended for a guitar with these specs:

– 2 pcs. solid body
– Fixed bridge (TOM/Hardtail)
– 3 Single coils OR 2 humbucker
– Nitrocellulose finish
– 3/5 way switch, vol/tone
– Quality hardware and electronics


Please note that these prices are only estimations, and they can vary depending on the details of the required job, or if you have particular requests in terms of wood selection or finish type. If you would like to have a more precise price, please contact us with all the details about wood selection/finish/inlays/other particular requests. Thank you!